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Yes, the Carry-On and Business case meet the size regulations for most major airlines to carry onboard the aircraft. The Battery Pack is easily removable, making it fully Airline compliant.

Yes, the Power Bank, which is included in the Carry-On and Business case, can be quickly removed for charging and to carry onboard. It’s located in the Front Pocket of the luggage.

The Power Bank can be charged via a standard Micro USB power cable. It’s suggested to charge your Power Bank before traveling.


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Mobile App

Yes, the SkyValet App is a Free download on both platforms and can be found by searching "SkyValet" in the online store.

**Please refer to the section titled “How to pair your SkyValet” in the previous screen for a step-by-step guide.

Before beginning the pairing process and turning on the Lock, you must remove the “plastic” that is attached in the lock. This can be found by unzipping the main lining in the main compartment of the suitcase. Now, make sure that the Lock is turned ON and the Bluetooth strength with your mobile device is ON and strong (in close proximity). If pairing is still unsuccessful, make sure that the three AAA batteries are still securely in place in the lock. If your device is unable to pair, please email us at app@SkyValetLuggage.com.

You have multiple options. First, you can unlock your suitcase with the two emergency keys which are provided in the main compartment of the suitcase. Secondly, you can download the SkyValet App on another mobile device and sign-in with the same credentials as before. Your luggage settings are saved and based on your username/password, not the device, so you will be able to sign-in on any device using your log-in details.

On the main “Lock” page of the App, click the suitcase box, and at the bottom of that page, click “Remove Luggage.” Make sure you’re in range of the SkyValet with Bluetooth turned ON. Make sure to have your SkyValet Unlocked before un-pairing.

You can use the Emergency Keys for immediate access. Alternatives include turning on/off the lock, signing in/out of the SkyValet Account within the App, and re-setting the SkyValet suitcase.

For the Carry-On and Business Case, open the Front pocket and in the center of the opening, you will find a circle hole. While having the Bluetooth Lock ON, place a paper clip through the opening and apply pressure by holding down the inner circle button for 3-5 seconds. You will hear a “beeping” noise and flashing blue lights once the suitcase is re-set. Next steps include re-pairing the luggage to a new account on a mobile device.

Watch Video Here!

Click “Forgot password” on the home screen of the SkyValet App. You will receive an email from the SkyValet team (make sure to check Spam if an email is not received within a few minutes) prompting you to re-set your password. If you’re still having trouble accessing your account, please email App@SkyValetLuggage.com.

If you decide to use a different email address as your primary form of communication, you will still be able to access your SkyValet suitcase with the same credentials. If you still want to change your account email with SkyValet, first you have to “un-pair” the luggage from your account, and then create a new SkyValet account and re-pair your suitcase to the new account.