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Say hello to SkyValet, the Carry-On designed to be the most tech featured luggage to travel around the world with you. For the busy travelers out there that have to stay connected to those back home or at the office, you have Dual USB charging ports, a Wireless Phone Charger in addition to a TSA-approved Bluetooth Lock to keep your essentials safe and secure!

Matte Black
Rose Gold

Features & Benefits

- 360° spinner wheel technology featuring Shark Wheels.

- Front Pocket to quickly and easily access essentials with a one-touch push button.

- Wireless Phone Charging Dock (patented) & Dual USB Ports (USB-A and USB-C).

- 10,000 mAh Power Bank included (1).

- TSA Approved Bluetooth Lock & Mobile App to lock and unlock the suitcase.

- Fits up to 17" Laptop.

Exterior Specs: 21.7” x 13.7” x 8.5” (including wheels)

Weight: 8.4 lbs.

Compliant with most major airlines, domestic and international.

Shipping & Delivery

All travel items are shipped from our West Coast warehouse within 1-2 business days via FedEx Ground. Delivery is within 2-5 business days, depending on location, while other delivery options may be available at checkout. SkyValet does not ship to PO or APO Boxes at this time. 

*The Carry-On will ship in early 2022*

Airline & TSA Approved

The SkyValet is Airline & TSA compliant for carrying on the plane. The SkyValet was designed so that the Power Bank is quickly and easily removable, in case you have to remove it. If you decide to check in your bag, you may be asked to remove the Power Bank (which is easy) and carry it on with you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Grant H. (Gaithersburg, MD, US)
Nice, thoughtful features, even better customer service

Everything about this luggage reflects careful consideration for what practical features people need, which is why I backed it on Kickstarter. All the key features are thoughtful, meaningful, and pleasantly fluff-free: the smartphone charging features, the USB lock, work well, as advertised. The internal materials, fabric, etc. is pretty average quality given the high price, but you are paying for the features, and on that front SkyValet delivers. The carry-on version is perfectly sized if you don't want to check luggage, and the shark wheels are a surprisingly effective innovation helping roll the luggage across all kinds of uneven surfaces. I had some trouble with the USB lock (after unlocking via smartphone, there's a button the luggage you have to trigger before the lock opens), and sent a customer service request, which was promptly answered by the owner and designer. He helped me get replacement parts over text and, while I know this level of service isn't feasible as sales scale up and service requests multiply, it shows the good faith involved and has sold me forever on anything bearing the SkyValet name.

Adam Desmarais (Fall River, MA, US)
Best carry-on by far !

This is the best carry-on luggage I ever bought !
It's loaded with features and top notch build quality!
The company skyvalet is awesome too !
Customer service is best in class!
I will definitely buy from them again and tell everyone I know about them

Matt Morrison (McDonough, GA, US)
It is nice and practical and does the jobI forgotten is doing

Got this one was on Kickstarter had Hat for a little bit you said a few times on it that’s no traveling I’ve been able to do and it said do I need a fire and happy with it over . Please give me a little tricky with sharing space with the front pocket and Andy inside and hear the space but still it’s good for us at least 5 to 7 days traveling sounds great for conventions and trips like that

Kris Specht (Fitchburg, MA, US)
I LOVE this case!!

I am finally packing my weekender for a trip and I kind of love this thing. I seriously hadn't even taken it out of the bag (which is a nice touch.) I, too, don't think you could pack this for 7 days unless you were travelling to the tropics with only bikinis on hand. But I love it anyway. I'm actually afraid that I might have to check it for part of this trip and I really really don't want to because I love it that much. Is it sturdy? I don't know. Is it big enough. Maybe not because it is opinionated. But I love it anyway. I love the catches that hold the zipper thingies. I love the pop out charging tray even though I will never want to use it because I am always USING my phone while it is being charged. But I love it anyway. I love all of the little compartments. Do they fit my stuff properly? Not really but I don't care. I love how easily the wheels truck across the floor. I will not even want to roll it because I won't want them to get dirty. It is stupid how much I love this case that may or may not be functional. I WILL make myself take it this week (even though I really want to leave it at home and take an ugly case that I won't care if it has to be checked.) I want to buy the smaller case too. Why? I don't really know. I just really have an illogical visceral reaction to this case. Which is amazing actually because I received this several months ago and it has sat around without me even bothering to look at it for months. But it is pretty and sleek and well thought out and has so many zippered places for different things and so many little pockets and such. I have backed a few pieces of luggage on kickstarter over the past several years and I gave all of the rest away. (Why do I even back luggage? I don't really know) But this one is mine. I love it.

Volker Froese (Munchenstein, BL, CH)
Out of this world

I am more than happy with my carry-on Trolley. All the electric features work just fine and perfect. I didn't expect to have set it up so easy. The sharkwheels are a real win. I am sure looking out for a bigger suitcase by SkyValet soon. Keep going on with the good work, team!